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  Ethical Polypaper Pvt Ltd has been established primarily to manufacture "Polypaper" which is a plastic film having paper like properties. "Polypaper" is developed based on our in-house R & D and it will help in catering to the demand of certain segments of paper industry.
Since "Polypaper" is a synthetic product, it does not need pulp as raw material and thereby it helps in saving precious forest resources required for manufacture of conventional paper. Moreover, "Polypaper" has superior properties compared to conventional paper.
Thus, our company is committed to provide products which will help in reducing deforestation and thereby helping in maintaining a cleaner and safer environment for better living conditions.
  The company has been established by highly qualified technocrats and professionals having sound technical background and proven track record in business. . The promoters have been operating in the field of energy & petrochemicals. Thus, the company has a professional approach in management and its management is committed to supply high quality products and efficient service backup.  
  1. Envelopes (both plain and window) of different sizes
  2. Book Covers.
  3. Gift Wrap paper
In addition, we would be able to help our clients in developing new applications based on "Polypaper".
  * It is moisture and termite proof hence long lasting.
* It can be written upon.
* It has excellent printability.
* It cah be available in wide variety of attractive colours.
* It has very good strength and appearance.
  Our Company has an integrated Manufacturing Facility with a captive power plant. Hence we have full control on our product quality and production schedule. Click here for a schematic of the manufacturing process.