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1.1 Welcome This site is dedicated to the promotion and sale of Polypaper THE material of the future. We Congratulate you on your foresight in selecting us as a vendor for your stationery and packaging requirements.

We trust your stay with us will be fruitful and you are able to get what you are looking for. In case you require any items not covered in our range and would like them to be specially manufactured for you, please write to us on or send us feedback using the prescribed form.

The site is organised to make your search extremely easy. Details of the basic and advanced search processes are provided in subsequent chapters of this User Manual.

1.2 Policies statement.

Usage of this site is subject to certain preconditions and accords rights to the user. Details of this information is available in the policies area. A link to this area is provided at the bottom of every page of the website. The name of this link is

All users are urged to read and be acquainted with the policies of the company with respect to the use of this website. Submission of registration information to the website if automatic acceptance of all the conditions laid down by the company without any reservations whatsoever.

1.3 End-Users.

This site is intended for all visitors who are interested in the revolutionary new concept of Polypaper. You may register and make purchases online. Or you can just browse around and give us a few words of encouragement.

For ease of use, this manual has been divided into two areas for Unregistered or casual visitors, and, Registered users wanting to use this site for making online purchases.